Anti, Art, Extra, Film, Non, Para, Pseudo, Semi, Video Cinema at the 60th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

... In severe, playful contradistinction, back in Taanila's program, Josef Dabernig (who had a very nice short, River Plate, in another section) strips everything supposedly of cinema out of his ingenious performance piece Ticket Content (2014). Dabernig, along with "local supporters"—multi-lingual friends who happen to be attending Oberhausen—recited radio announcer-like all of the text printed on his collection of soccer tickets spanning the early 90s to mid 2000s. Read in Italian, Polish, Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese by Dabernig and four assistants (including filmmaker Edgar Pêra and curator Olaf Möller) at amateur newscasters’ desks facing a sold out audience in the cinema, the endurance-and-patience testing recitation of factual detail and cultural-historical minutia turn into a live and dynamic "documentary," moving in time and space, meter and language, focusing on forgotten, seemingly useless detail only to skip over years and borders. Cinema without film or projection, who'd have thought? ...

full article: 9.5.2014

Daniel Kasman