The two of the empty bank

The stadium is empty, the audible noise window blind however promises the process of a large play. Only in the bank lonely two humans sit in badly fitting suits. They pursue tensely the not taking place play and them suffer under their crew. The rejoicing of the not present spectators applies quite obviously to the opposing team. The two change hardly a word together, them fight for the same thing, but probably with different opinions. Sometime it does not hold any longer on the bank, it goes to the edge of playing field, gives in the direction of the empty lawn shifting handzeichen, it for the one is more printing to be finally made. The play ends, the two disappears inside the stadium to vibrate in order to appear soon thereafter again and unites official ones on the grandstand obligation in accordance with the hand. A successful play cannot have been it.
The happening is compressed on eight minutes of length and thus exact on the correct duration. Each minute more have harmed the attraction this film, whose window blind is the Wisla stadium in Krakau. Because it occurred hardly something and it could have occurred also not more much. The two cannot align anything, their job were beforehand to be completed, the play develop merciless without them. Actually it is even still many worse: the play does not take place, it also no spectators came, and nevertheless the two carry the responsibility and all cameras for the play process are directed toward them.
The film branches between two opposite interpretations back and forth. Once one has the feeling that developments take their run in the society simply, even if they are officially not at all available. If the play is called off, it is not called still for a long time that the people does not have an opinion in addition. On the other hand in addition, that certain things with large Gehabe are produced, then however except the official covering nothing can be assumed of it remains remaining. The play is largely transferred, but none plays really also. In the first version the two coaches work such as politician, who power from the hands slides, in which second like such, which before-make for their people somewhat. The two have interests, probably even opposite, but it does not run in its sense and it falls them heavily to control their displeasure. Almost one could assume, they were curators, who did not notice that the exhibition failed somehow.

Christoph Blase